11.6k 319 14 67
This is the result of 3,500 man-hours of labor and love, but we need your help to push it forward, HAD community
7.9k 105 24 50
CPLD-flavored VGA Video card
Project Owner Contributor



6.5k 67 22 41
An AVR, 128MB SDRAM DIMM, old laptop LCD, and a handful of TTL chips -- 30+MS/s 32-channel logic-analyzer interface for an analog 'scope
Project Owner Contributor

sdramThing4.5 "Logic Analyzer"


10k 71 26 34
A better human computer interface. A wearable sensor suit for controlling stuff using SEMG and body movement.
4.4k 60 3 32
My attempt at building a small computer based around a full Motorola 68000 processor.
Project Owner Contributor

MC68000 Computer

Chartreuse Kitsune

5k 35 8 31
I am working on a project to fly a THz Spectrometer on a drone. This will enable spot measurements of important atmospheric molecules.
Project Owner Contributor

The THz Drone Project

Joseph Demers

6.9k 634 8 30
Open Source Platform for the Internet of Things. Focused on providing an awesome developer experience.
11.4k 50 16 28
A super-fast linux-based machine with multiple GPUs for training deep neural nets
Project Owner Contributor

32-TFLOP Deep Learning GPU Box


6.3k 819 3 28
A public viewing device for mixed reality experiences in the form factor of coin-operated binoculars.
Project Owner Contributor



2.6k 32 0 26
Bicycle-powered road quality measuring and mapping
Project Owner Contributor

Dekoboko 凸凹

Daniel Rojas

9.2k 56 8 23
This is a game console sized Hydra with a single GPU, running SteamOS, Win7 & Android x86 KitKat. Gameplay & mgmt via modular controller
3.7k 56 4 18
Project OpenTech-Laptop is a custom built laptop. I made it from 2 binders, an old non working hp laptop, and some new components.
Project Owner Contributor



7.8k 38 6 18
Pinball "Minicab" with 24" monitor as playfield, VIsual Pinball software. Genuine plunger, buttons and legs. Arduino controller.
Project Owner Contributor

RINNIG Pinball Simulator

Erland Lewin

1.1k 22 0 17
Golem is personally designed and comes in roughly 2.5 feet (76.2 cm) in diameter and weighs 16 pounds (7.3 Kg).
1.2k 267 6 16
Follow along
Project Owner Contributor

Intel Edison tips and tricks

Sophi Kravitz

3.3k 1.2k 0 16
Home Automation and Monitoring System with many sensors and actuators to keep your home safe
1.1k 458 2 14
Plug & play controller, plug in regular water pump, lights, air pump and fan to the controller box and use a webapp for control & monitoring
Project Owner Contributor

Aquaponic IoT Controller (NFT)


3k 20 0 14
FPGA development board using the Intel Edison
Project Owner Contributor

Nyx: Edison - FPGA Devboard


2.8k 357 1 11
An open source telemetry system using downhill mountain biking as an inspiration.
Project Owner Contributor


Chris Hoey

1.2k 40 0 9
A pin for pin breakout board for the Edison So you can breadboard prototype
Project Owner Contributor

Simple Edison Breakout Board

Stephen Edwards

1.6k 1.6k 0 9
Can low-cost embedded platforms designed for the Internet of Things have a positive impact on healthcare?
Project Owner Contributor

Towards an IoT for Healthcare


2.6k 295 0 9
Wireless weather station with wireless link to indoor unit uploading to Weather Underground
Project Owner Contributor

Weather Station

Dave Watkins

1.2k 628 0 9
Anything goes digital transition for radio control appliances. Like HDTV, but for RC projects
Project Owner Contributor


Blake W. Ford

2k 807 5 9
A open source tool that aids in the learning of the sky map in amateur astronomy.
Project Owner Contributor

Galileo's Finger

Brendan Ardagh

2.7k 196 0 8
Playing Quake on the Internet of Things...
Project Owner Contributor

A VGA Display for the Intel Edison!


331 16 0 8
I had an old netbook. I had time. I had an idea.
Project Owner Contributor

Steampunk Netbook


825 7 0 7
Silent and powerfull gaming PC
Project Owner Contributor

Silent Steam BOX


1.3k 23 0 7
Project to try to figure out and do something with an Intel P8085 processor that I salvaged. Building a minimal 8-bit computer.
Project Owner Contributor



842 96 0 7
Prototype design of a USB Storage Sled for use with the Intel Edison IoT module. Implements SATA & PATA.
Project Owner Contributor

Intel Edison: USB Storage Sled


2.4k 328 0 7
A simple box that will open airwaves for you
Project Owner Contributor

SDR in a box


559 227 0 7
A compact IBM-PC compatible development board based on an Intel 80386SX CPU and an Altera Cyclone IV FPGA.
Project Owner Contributor


Pierre Surply

1.1k 37 0 7
Modular, low-cost of entry, open-hardware tablet and development platform for Intel and ARM SoC processors + FPGA.
Project Owner Contributor

Maker's Tablet

Emparete LLC

832 21 2 7
Edison + Artix = ARTIXON
Project Owner Contributor


Antti Lukats

4.2k 125 0 6
This project is about building an autonomous mobile robot with the help of Robot Operating System(R.O.S) and Python.
Project Owner Contributor

DIY Autonomous Mobile Robot

Lentin Joseph

556 63 0 6
A Jetson based advanced robotics platform to help teach robotics to University's and High schools.
Project Owner Contributor

Nvidia Jetson robot

Apollo W. Timbers

2.1k 99 1 5
Building a private cloud from scratch using low-power equipment
1.4k 506 0 5
The G.E.O (Geological Environment Observer) is an Earth emulator to help comfort astronauts in LDSF. Made for NASA's Space Apps Challenge.
Project Owner Contributor


Ashley Warren

147 120 0 4
Evolve is a plug and play platform for Prosthetics and Human Machine Interfaces with custom hardware sensors and an app store
510 402 0 4
Learning project for FPGA development implementing a parallelized DES-cracker and Linux kernel drivers on a Altera DE2i-150 FPGA board
Project Owner Contributor

FPGA DES Cracker

Pontus Rodling

278 615 0 4
Tips and tricks from my experience
288 13 0 3
Scan wristband, collect tokens, unlock features and play a game.
Project Owner Contributor

NFC Scanners

Nicholas Stedman

2.2k 8 1 3
667 23 4 3
An unlikely to be finished project.
3.4k 481 2 3
Computer which can use in the car with all the features,and performance. Specially this PC has works with Automobile 12v or 24v DC power.
Project Owner Contributor

Mobile Car Computer


709 9 5 3
This is a port from AlexaPi to run on the Intel Edison SoC boards!
3k 33 0 3
A portable desktop computer, complete with monitor and a single power plug.
Project Owner Contributor

Briefcase PC


170 4 0 3
Open-Source re-implementation of the original i486 DX
Project Owner Contributor



369 23 1 3
A biped based off the BoB pattern. However it is using an Intel Edison as the controller and is taller than the standard BoB.
Project Owner Contributor

BoB Edison


166 14 0 2
A Complete DIY Garden Management Solution for Soil based as well as hydroponics growing.
Project Owner Contributor

Edison - The Gardener

Inderpreet Singh

117 1 0 2
This project is based on IMAPClient library in Python. The python script is executed on the Debian running Intel Galileo Gen 2 board.
Project Owner Contributor

Mail-Checker using Galileo


183 78 0 1
Wireless custom event notification device utilizing Intel Edison Development Board with built in Bluetooth and Texas Instruments Sensors.
908 637 0 1
This is a unique solution where the heart of system is RealSense AI powered by machine Learning.
222 284 0 1
A smart Helmet to keep you safe with luxury
Project Owner Contributor

Smart HuD - A Smart AR Helmet


131 2 0 1
A DIY smartphone based on Intel Edison with LTE and touch screen.
0 0 1
Smart Light Switch
Project Owner Contributor



230 153 0 1
In this video we will be looking at how to make a santa detector as well as send push notifications to an IOS enabled device and much more.
257 661 0 1
steampunk, casemod, homeautomation, arduino, 433mhz, python
Project Owner Contributor

Steampunk HomeAutomation-Device


105 3 1 1
A smartwatch based on the Intel Edison.
Project Owner Contributor


Gabriel Smith

205 2 0 1
Part 3 of the aforementioned project
Project Owner Contributor

Part 3 - 20mm ammo can ATX casemod


107 351 0 1
Your own Sentry Ward that allows you to sneak a peek into what's happening around your house from anywhere in the world!
240 1k 0 1
This is a receptacle box that you can control the receptacle from a bluetooth enabled device