22.8k 1.1k 14 134
"Can a robot turn a... canvas into a beautiful masterpiece?" - Will Smith (I, Robot)
Project Owner Contributor



39k 527 16 115
An LED display showing visualizations and rendering data from a variety of TCP sources over the Open Pixel Control protocol
Project Owner Contributor


Ben Delarre

38.5k 912 0 97
Experiments with Decentralized VR/AR Infrastructure, Neural Networks, and 3D Internet.
Project Owner Contributor

Metaverse Lab


10k 1.1k 7 88
I built two Linux machines for Bruce Shapiro's "PipeDreams" installation at the Ontario Science Centre.
9.1k 295 7 57
A rubik's snake-like robot that senses different kinds of touch and responds in kind.
Project Owner Contributor


Nicholas Stedman

2.5k 245 5 44
a 1440 led sparsely filling a volume to create moving sculpture of light: 3d effects, forced perspective, interactive control, and teamwork
Project Owner Contributor

ACTIVE : 3D Media Light Sculpture


4.8k 91 8 36
A hand crafted wide format 2D v-plotter used to create unique pieces of artwork from any photo. Custom imaging software with SVG previewing.
Project Owner Contributor

Custom wide format plotter


1.2k 377 1 24
Family of one feet tall spirits who react to human presence and are radio connected to each other.
Project Owner Contributor

Spirits of the city - 街霊

Felix Raimundo

1.6k 371 4 23
Center Flee is the name for interactive performance devices. The Smart Poi make music and light effects.
Project Owner Contributor

Center Flee


1.1k 881 1 23
Wireless MIDI controller, work with GarageBand.
Project Owner Contributor


Hsin-Tien, Chu

3.1k 697 3 22
Art installation by Fred Sapey Triomphe comprising 16800 RGB LED, 120 PSU, 6 WizYasep and a RPiB+
3.3k 80 1 21
A cheap, open-source and collaborative device for light-painting photography
Project Owner Contributor



3.5k 39 3 17
A control board for the Graffiti Research Labs excellent L.A.S.E.R. Tag graffiti system
Project Owner Contributor

L.A.S.E.R. Tag Control

Ben Delarre

2.1k 69 1 16
"Arduino powered "digital light painting" robot who can paint words and simple shapes with a laser for a long-exposure camera to capture.
2.8k 836 0 15
An interactive artwork built to help with the goals of rhino conservation and electronics and computer science outreach
Project Owner Contributor

Erica The Cyber Rhino

Tyler Ward (Scorpia)

2.8k 318 2 15
Speculating on the details of real-time murders in Venezuela. Art Installation
Project Owner Contributor

Murder Machine


2.1k 1.7k 4 14
imagine waiting for the bus and finding a headphone jack on a strange sculpture. what would it say?
2k 23 2 14
I wanted to go to Toshi station to pick up some power converters. My boss wanted me to build a moisture vaporator.
1.2k 8 3 13
1m 12w RGB LED WiFi Artnet Controlled Cubes
Project Owner Contributor


Charles Yarnold

1.5k 1.2k 1 12
A fully automated (sort of) Stop & Frisk Robot
Project Owner Contributor

Stop & Frisk Robot


1.7k 1.5k 4 12
A Burning Man Art Car Project by a group of D.C. (Not Washington!) Burners
894 910 2 11
A blanket-inspired, remote-controlled robot that gets up close and personal with anyone who shares its bed.
Project Owner Contributor

The Blanket Project

Nicholas Stedman

2k 71 1 10
I'm challenging myself to be healthier and inventing a device to remind and encourage me to achieve my goals!
1.3k 8 0 6
A simple 'Spirograph' style LASER light show using mirrors and motors and potentiometers.
Project Owner Contributor

LASER Pointer Light Show

Alpha Charlie

624 4 0 3
How can my little company stand out from the crowd? How about a 20' tall spandex covered egg for a trade show booth?
281 3 0 2
Recycled an old phone. It was weird when I got it, now it is weirder.
Project Owner Contributor

GTE Automatic Electric Rotary Colorwheel