40.4k 693 46 349
Moti is a smart servo that simplifies the design of intricate robots.
Project Owner Contributor

Moti, a smart servo

Nicholas Stedman

64.3k 1k 103 344
Project Bionic Yourself (B10N1C) is a small implant for your arm that makes you a bionic-superhero.
Project Owner Contributor

Bionic Yourself V2.0

43.5k 454 36 205
A thumb-sized device that plugs into your iPhone / iPad / iPod Touch headphones jack and turns your iOS device into a Thermal Camera
Project Owner Contributor

TJ - $99 Thermal Imager

Marius Popescu

18.6k 374 25 152
The one of the most revolutionary inventions of the 20th Century, designed for DIY gene replication. (Now with a working prototype!)
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$5 DNA Replicator


15.7k 182 0 77
A multi purpose lab tool accessible by simple Python functions, and capable of studying a wide range of physical phenomena.
10.9k 294 25 69
Design and build a simple, inexpensive, and manufacturable remote indicator for the most common type of mechanical water meter in use today.
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Remote Water Consumption Display

John Schuch

14.9k 230 9 66
The Open Source Car Tool
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Eric Evenchick

14.2k 653 3 56
A cost effective, multi-pronged data acquisition tool to turn your computer into a workbench for science and electronics experiments.
Project Owner Contributor

A Versatile Labtool


4.5k 325 9 53
An open-source Arduino based toolkit to learn, build & debug electronics and robotics projects
28.5k 473 27 51
CANBUS adapter for the Raspberry Pi
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7.5k 447 2 24
Project Noah (Network Of Automated Hardware) is an open source home automation system designed to be connected to the Pi or Windows/Linux PC
Project Owner Contributor

Project Noah


8.3k 67 1 22
Controls and displays for Aerospace simulation control interaction
Project Owner Contributor

Aerospace Control Interface


1.6k 560 1 15
A highly responsive wind controller with expressive continuous push buttons based on linear hall-effect sensors - A musical IoT device -
778 51 0 11
Wireless EEG/ECG data logger device with capacitive electrodes - ideal for home researchers or for simple health checking.
Project Owner Contributor

EEG/ECG data logger for home

Fehér Áron

576 11 8 8
The cheap TP4056 Li-Ion charger boards need some upgrade
Project Owner Contributor

TP4056 3V3 load share addon board


2.4k 501 4 8
Easily play back CD quality audio (or worse) with enormous storage using a microSD card
1.2k 10 1 7
Project Owner Contributor

Retro GSM


466 307 0 5
A small and cheap controller platform for playing physical interaction games (Such as the Johann Sebastian Joust)
Project Owner Contributor


HP (@banjohat)

852 29 2 4 and here is the you tube link if you like to watch it have a nice day
592 829 0 4
ESP8266 based Platform with many included analog and digital functions that can help you to learn and also develop your IOT projects.