Mitch Altman

Co-founder of Noisebridge hackerspace in San Francisco.
Inventor of TV-B-Gone remote controls.
Pioneer of Virtual Reality.

San Francisco, California
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This user joined on 01/16/2016.

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Mitch AltmanMitch Altman

Things I've Built

Mignonette Game kit

Simple and fun kt to play games, and learn to program your own games. (With Rolf Van Widenfelt and Windell Oskay / Evil Mad Scientist)

Soldering Is Easy comic book

8-page comic book to learn how to solder like an expert. (With Andie Nordgren and Jeff Keyzer)

LEDcube kit

Small, low-res 3D animation.

Trippy RGB Waves kit

Interactive colored blinky light art Set off waves of colors by waving your hand over a bunch of these.

NeuroDreamer sleep mask

Presents a brainwave sequence for sleep through fading lights and pulsing sound to guide the wearer to sleep. There's also a Lucid Dreaming version to help train people to control their dreams

Brain Machine kit

Presents a brainwave sequence for mediation through pulsing lights and sound to guide the wearer into a meditative state. A bonus is that you hallucinate beautiful colors and patterns along the way,.

TV-B-Gone Pro SHP

Super High Power TV-B-Gone Pro. Turns off TVs from 100 meters away.

TV-B-Gone kit

Solder it together and it turns off TVs in public places up to 50 meters away. (With Lady Ada / Limor Fried)

TV-B-Gone universal remote control

A keychain that turns of TVs in public places.

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Yann Guidon / YGDES wrote 01/16/2016 at 23:04 point

Welcome, Mitch !

So happy to see you here, I hope you'll feel at home here !

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