• Thermoelectric Freezer Burn

    08/21/2019 at 14:10 0 comments

    As a long haul truck driver I use a thermoelectric cooler as opposed to an ice chest. The main problem is that it tends to freeze items placed nearest the cooling element. By placing a couple of 500ml water bottles next to the cooling element I can make ice.

    So, I've decided I'll build a freeze protector circuit. I've purchased a relay board, Digispark clone board, DS18B20, and a Arduino Nano clone.

     I intended on using the Digispark clone as a the controller but, never could get any of my Debian computer's to recognize it. So, I used the Nano, which was overkill in size, DIO Pins, and processor power.

    Sad story, while connecting everything to the cooler, i some how managed to brick the Nano clone. Currently,  back to square one until I order a new Nano clone.  I'm going to make another attempt at using a different Digispark clone. 

    Eventually,  I'd like to custom build my own PCB with relay and ATtiny85.