Syed Razwanul Haque Nabil

I am a tech Entrepreneur and former university teacher who love to build technology which could change human life.

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This user joined on 05/05/2019.

Things I've Built

Simple Low Cost Robotic Arm

Intelligent LASER Controller. (Modu Laser Controller )

This was a project for my thesis work

Server Synchronise Electronics Voting Machine

GPS Tracking Device

This was a university project with BIWTA, Mukto Software. Used in Government ship.

Low Cost Digital Braille Reader

o make proper use of this technology, a Servo motor based wireless electronic braille was designed. Currently available servo motor based and piezoelectric based braille have some issues with their mechanical features and price respectively.

Fiexed Wing Drone

This is a ground control station based drone.

Cybernetics Robo Academy

Gadget for Visually Impaired People

This simple & lightweight glove will help visually impaired people to sense their surroundings with a quick response rate.

Electronics Plus App

Multipurpose ROV

Weather Informer Drone

Raspberry Pi Cluster

Unmanned Underwater Vehicle




Millitary Rover

GSM Based Security Device

This is a simple device for security. It is highly portable and can run over 15 days with one charge.

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