Paintball Marker Mount

A replacement handle for a paintball marker so you can easily mount it on vehicles, robots or turrets

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Mounting a paintball marker onto a machine or robot securely is a bit of a pain. It's easy if your machine doesn't move - you can just use hose clamps or velcro ties - but as soon as things get interesting, it gets complicated.
For another project, I needed a paintball marker that was:
- Securely mounted: Hose clamps and velcro ties didn't cut it
- Not breaking: Bumps, twists, high speed should not make parts fall off
- Quick to service: If something did go wrong, I didn't want to undo bolts
- Electronic firing

I designed a mount to replace the handle of a Tippmann A-5 that allows secure, fast mounting and electronic control.


We wanted to put paintball markers on buggies.  Originally I started with a traditional hack, by buying electronic markers, soldering onto their PCBs, and bolting them down.  We quickly discovered some disadvantages to this technique.  

Our high-vibration application meant we were breaking a lot of balls inside the hopper and marker.  My hacked approach meant that sometimes wires broke.  When this happened we would have to stop and clean everything out, or change markers.  Since they were bolted down, that was a real pain.  It took 2 people working together 2 minutes to change a marker.


We decided to change markers to the Tippmann A-5 since they have a reputation for being reliable, and to design a proper mount for them that would both hold them securely, and allow for a fast change of a fouled marker.

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  • 1 × Tippmann A-5
  • 1 × 138mm (5.5") of 31.5mm (1 1/4") Aluminum Square profile
  • 1 × 138mm (5.5") of 25mm (1") Aluminum U profile
  • 1 × Marker solenoid L1
  • 1 × Custom marker PCB If only I could post Gerbers or something...

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nealshawn94 wrote 11/07/2023 at 17:36 point

You really did a great job making this paintball marker mount object. I want to embed it with my website. You can see it here:

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John Bracket wrote 05/08/2022 at 16:59 point

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abby gujjar wrote 01/06/2021 at 06:37 point

wow this is so nice. do you want to feature it on

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Jesse M. wrote 08/22/2014 at 13:14 point
I am interested in the spring loaded contact that looks like you use as a middle man connector. Do you have a part number for that?

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Nathan Gray wrote 08/22/2014 at 15:40 point
Full BOM added.
That one was a pain to find. It's from the Bourns 70AA series. Specifically it's a
and in normal life it's a battery connector. Just make sure you provide good physical constraints so there's no lateral movement, or they can cross-connect.
Here's a link to the general category:

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Nathan Gray wrote 08/20/2014 at 15:47 point
I do have a few complete units and a handful of most of the other components, if anyone wants.

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