STEMCA Inventor - STEM Education and DIY Amplified

The most advanced, affordable and approachable (easy to use) STEM education and DIY platform with focus on robotics and automation/IoT.

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STEMCA Inventor platform combines open source + commercial hardware components based on Arduino, Raspberry Pi, Lego Mindstorms EV3/NXT, Neato, MBot, etc (more coming) with powerful Android mobile development in an advanced and easy to use form with affordable components to empower anyone age 8+ to become inventors and/or teachers and contribute to the advance of science, technology and engineering for a brighter future.

STEMCA Inventor promotes 3D modeling and printing to create custom mechanical parts for robots and automation projects. Laser cut/CNC-ed components also preferred.

STEMCA Inventor platform will provide all the core tools and components to enable everybody to easily create inspiring projects that should engage the new generation into making, innovating and inventing.

STEMCA Inventor market place will enable anyone to make money while learning, teaching, and building interesting and useful projects for robotics, automation, health monitoring, and much more.

More details to come in the next 2 weeks, including first beta of STEMCA App Inventor IDE and an on-line store to pre-order STEMCA Inventor kits for those interested to begin to build projects using STEMCA Inventor.

In the mean time please let us know about projects you'll like to build (existing or new), by using #STEMCAInventor hashtag on Twitter, Facebook and HackADay, include in your messages/comments the following: #2015HackadayPrize hashtag, the name of the project, a short description and a link to more details (where available).

You can also follow us at or, keep in mind we are "young and restless", and plan to grow fast :-)

In the next months we will provide as many as possible STEMCA Inventor based exemplary projects and we will also pick the most popular ones from your submissions plus the most popular HackADay ones especially those tagged with #2015HackadayPrize, to showcase the power of STEMCA Inventor platform.

At the same time we welcome contributions/implementations from anyone and will add them to the list of STEMCA Inventor exemplary projects.

The projects should solve a relevant problem and/or provide a good educational lesson (STEM related) and it is recommended to have an implementation time of less than 2-3 hours when using STEMCA Inventor platform.

I wish you Happy Inventing!

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