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Austin, Texas
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Things I've Built

Homade Low Cost Projector

Attempt to build a POC for new form of laser project. One LED would blink in sync with the rotation of a disk. This disk had holes cut in it corresponding to a pixel in the display. Rapid rotation would result in a image projected from the disk

DIY Smartphone HMD

Spring of 2014, made a head-mounted display using my Android phone a la Oculus Rift. Successful, heavy reliance on the wizards at mbs3D. Used freePie IMU for head-tracking with Kainy for PC streaming. Finished right before Google cardboad :/

CO2 Laser Build

Built a CO2 laser in my garage summer of 2013. Obtained first lase, but difficulties in optical alignments and with my vacuum pump prevented me from completing it, (also finacial difficulties, I am a student after all)

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