Steve Kohlenberger

* Software Engineer, IOT, w/ PMP, Sr. Mgr , BS CIS. * MA Psych, ADHD & Couples Counselor. * Self-Hacker, Self-physical rehab.

Laguna Hills, CA
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Things I've Built

LAN drivers (various)

Clients included: Network Products, Novell, amongst about another 15 companies.

Rubidium atomic clock accuracy testing

For Ball Efratom. Created software to burn in atomic clocks while qualifying accuracy of the devices.

Cisco Network protocol management (internally used)

Client: Cisco Software used internally by Cisco to interconnect to specific networks.

Disk Drivers (various)

Clients included: IBM, Seagate, GEC Marconi In-Flight Systems, Racet, ...

NecDos Operating System

Co-authored, sold internationally

Operating System

While in college and learning to code. Doing it for fun.

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