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Starhawk wrote 06/15/2020 at 02:12 point

Thanks for the +Like and +Follow :) Feren OS turns out to be about as stable as a one legged heroin addict in an earthquake... it's based on Ubuntu, which is great -- except, although Ubuntu's network utility has always been a little janky for me, this is the first time it's completely wrecked an OS install :( I've got some Life Stuff going on all next week, but after that I think I'm probably going to go moan at XUbuntu's people about how the 20.04 installer does not work on otherwise-64bit systems with a 32bit UEFI (meaning nearly any modern Intel-based miniature system, from NUCs to Compute Sticks to Atom "Mini PC" type boxes -- including CN/HK/etc clones and "compatibles" as well as Intel-branded machines and very likely a number of major-manufacturer devices as well) until they bother to actually go and fix it.

Steampunkish Too is based on an older Intel NUC box, and it has that problem -- as does literally everything I've encountered so far that's based on an Atom Z3735f or an Atom x5-83xx SoC (yes, they're doing ARM-style SoCs now)... which means every HP Stream laptop with those CPUs, every Compute Stick or clone/"compatible" with those CPUs (eg *all* MeeGoPad systems, *all* Intel Compute sticks, the WinTel CX-W8 and CX-W8 Pro made by SunChip, etc)... I have not yet confirmed whether it will cause problems wtih a Celeron N4000 based system, as I've only got one of those and it's not being used yet... but I doubt it's immune.

That's a serious chunk of computational real estate. I don't think it'll take too much to get them to deal with it ;)

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