Former cinematographer turned electronics maker. I build things with salvaged Soviet tech.

Tbilisi, Georgia
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Mitsuru Yamada wrote 02/15/2023 at 00:55 point

Thank you for liking and following my #PERSEUS-9 homemade mobile 6502 computer! Recently, I used this computer and its onboard homemade floating-point interpreter to calculate the closest approach distance and other information about the asteroid 2023BU, which approached Earth on January 27, based on published orbital elements.

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Mitsuru Yamada wrote 12/12/2020 at 13:27 point

Thank you for liking my #6802 Serial Terminal ! I bought a Maksutov type astronomical telescope made in Moscow in 1995. Maybe it used Soviet era technology.

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danjovic wrote 04/17/2020 at 15:25 point

Thanks for following!

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