81.3k 1.1k 83 507
A family of tiny robots, each with their own way of life.
Project Owner Contributor

Tiny robot family


41.7k 1.2k 118 373
Hobby brushless motors are incredibly cheap and powerful. However we need a way to make robots out of them. ODrive is that way.
38.9k 975 83 255
100% open source robot platform with accessability and affordability in mind: teaching children of all ages about robots & programming
Project Owner Contributor

Stubby the (Teaching) Hexapod

The Big One

44.9k 1.6k 24 192
Cheap, Small, Open Source Servo Controlled Robot Arm
Project Owner Contributor

MeArm - Your Robot


20.8k 480 12 170
MADspace Advanced Robotics System: Open source 3D printed Mars rover
Project Owner Contributor


Guus van der Sluijs

16.4k 541 20 142
Modular self-reconfigurable robot, focused on all-terrain search and rescue operations using bio-inspired locomotion mechanisms
Project Owner Contributor

Dtto - Explorer Modular Robot


14.3k 209 17 131
We aim to make multi-robot systems a viable way to introduce students to the delight that is robotics.
Project Owner Contributor

Micro Robots for Education

Joshua Elsdon

15.4k 161 32 106
Affordable spider robot
Project Owner Contributor


Radomir Dopieralski

7.7k 1.5k 15 76
Make cooler robots, faster and with less effort.
5.5k 1.1k 6 57
Creating a four legged robot with a running bound gait.
Project Owner Contributor

Mr. Runner

Alex Martin

8.7k 294 7 55
A rubik's snake-like robot that senses different kinds of touch and responds in kind.
Project Owner Contributor


Nicholas Stedman

6.1k 113 2 36
Control your robot with Skype API
Project Owner Contributor

Skype robot


4.1k 970 12 35
Shlonkin's wonderful tiny robots get their own PCB and on board battery charging.
Project Owner Contributor

TinyBot: Robot Family Development Board


4.2k 297 3 30
This is ongoing project of the mobile robot that can move in a rough terrain
Project Owner Contributor

4WD all terrain robot


10.7k 118 7 27
Building a hexapod for under $500 from cheap chinese parts.
Project Owner Contributor



5.5k 104 8 25
Create a mechanized robot inspired by the TitanFall titan, but using pneumatic actuators and building it with a reasonable budget
Project Owner Contributor

Project Titan


7.4k 58 18 24
The tinniest Arduino quadruped robot.
1.2k 39 13 22
A small walking robot with a mammal-like configuration of legs.
Project Owner Contributor

Katka, a mammalian robot

Radomir Dopieralski

446 557 7 22
Join this project to talk about robots!
Project Owner Contributor

Robotics Chat

Radomir Dopieralski

1.1k 262 4 22
A working model of a Logikoma from "Ghost in the Shell: Arise".
Project Owner Contributor


Radomir Dopieralski

1.8k 27 19 22
Special edition of Tote for the Belgrade workshop.
Project Owner Contributor

Tote HaD

Radomir Dopieralski

5.2k 950 6 22
Mirobot is an Arduino-based WiFi robotics kit that's designed to help teach kids about technology
4.1k 58 3 21
Making a robot with mecanum wheels, and having it Auto-Park
Project Owner Contributor

Auto-Parking Mecanum Robot

Jack Najarian

4k 382 3 20
Cheap and simple tabletop quadruped robot controlled with Python.
Project Owner Contributor

µKubik quadruped robot

Radomir Dopieralski

1.6k 159 2 17
A modular, parametric and extensible Animatronics cad generation framework
Project Owner Contributor

Open Animatronics

Kevin Harrington

1.3k 476 3 17
Scrapped. See Hexapod Henk MkII.
Project Owner Contributor

Henk the Hexapod

Radomir Dopieralski

2.1k 83 1 16
A 2 DOF hexapod controlled with an infared remote
Project Owner Contributor

12 Servo Hexapod


852 491 1 15
A mini-sized robot for investigation in robotics and control systems
Project Owner Contributor

Robotics for Control


2.2k 838 2 14
A new algebraic machine cognition model and a novel machine vision architecture
2.2k 174 2 14
Answering the question: Why aren't there more robotic hovercrafts?
Project Owner Contributor

Cardboard Hovercraft Robot


1.3k 35 1 12
A simple robot to find coins (beneath furniture etc.) based on the robots from the early Star Wars films :-P
3.6k 246 1 12
My attempt to revive a research/industrial robotic arm.
Project Owner Contributor



2.7k 451 4 12
Small robot arm based on common hobby servos and pipe supplies.
Project Owner Contributor

Robot arm

Rue Mohr

1.4k 51 2 11
Experiment Bioroid! - a robot controlled toy for small creatures like rats, hamsters, guinea pigs, lizards, or other small pets.
Project Owner Contributor

Experiment Bioroid!

1.4k 291 2 11
Multifunctional robot to help bring the dream of a personal robot into reality.
Project Owner Contributor

Anna The Multibot!


1.5k 614 3 10
Who said you can't play with computer without screen?
Project Owner Contributor

Automatic checkers


1.2k 140 0 10
Bluetooth LE enabled miniature robots controlled by players' cell phone and equipped with IR cannons. Real world strategy game on a desk.
Project Owner Contributor

Micro robot wars


353 308 0 7
A rebuild of my previous hexapod robot
Project Owner Contributor

Hexapod Henk MkII

Radomir Dopieralski

1.2k 252 0 3
This Gopro hack allows wired control for robotics applications, using any microcontroller, without break or damage the buttons
Project Owner Contributor

Gopro Hero 4 wired control


207 135 0 2
a robotic handpuppet
Project Owner Contributor