• My first project presentation is coming... soon :)

    06/18/2022 at 21:03 0 comments

    From this page I intend to describe a first of my many more or less successful projects, hoping that it may interest at least someone ;) It might be better, rather than gathering dust in a corner of my PC or my home lab.

    The first steps are the hardest it seems!

    Some of my projects (more or less consequent):
    - experiences with PSOC4
    - various FPGA based projects (Spartan6, Zynq, ICE40, ...)
    - projects using arduino, ESP8266
    - experiments with different types of displays (VFD, led matrices...)
    - ...

    But I have to start with one of them... difficult choice!

    Ok, let's start with a simple one: just display (Chinese) text on a second-hand VFD I just bought.

    Don't ask me what that means (it was the encoded bitmap image in the source file I got from my supplier). But if anyone can tell, I'd love to know!

    My work for this small project has mainly consisted of adapting the code for an "arduino nano" that I had on hand, and verifying that it was able to deliver data with the correct timings (the original code was supposed to work on an STM32).

    The result:

    Nothing very fancy,  just a fixed display but well the display works!

    I will give more details on operation in the project page.