I'm a maker from Germany, building stuff like 3D Printers, Arduino gadgets and all kind of DIY projects in general.

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This user joined on 10/03/2019.

Things I've Built

Cyclone PCP Factory

Unfortunately not finished yet: still considering what kind of spindle.


My heavily modified Printbot. Builded some years ago in a Hackerspace, Shanghai. Still fine printing and super reliable! I added a direct drive bowden extruder and a self designed printing head.

Sim Racing Rig

The actual state with a Logitech G27. Currently working on a direct drive wheel.


A weekend project for CNC drawing onto easter eggs, christmas ornaments and light bulbs of course.

Horn Speakers

A lovely pair of mini Buschhorn speakers.

Liquid Clock

Composed by printed ring segments, 60 ws2812 led modules and of course an arduino. Unfortunately the DCF77 module is crap so I threw it out! It has to rely on the DS1307 rtc. Red are the hours, green the minutes and red the seconds.


My second 3D Printer. It's fold able and quite handy for travelling. But the design has some serious conceptual flaws, so I already recycled the parts for the upcoming project.

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