Nathaniel Tong

I'm an industrial designer specializing in tactical gear and personal protection equipment for military and law enforcement.

Boston, Massachusetts
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Things I've Built

The Deep Web

An infographic animation teaching viewers about the deep web. Made in AfterEffects and Photoshop.

Claw Hand

A 3D Printable prosthetic based off of the MakerBot Hand. My hand further improves the functionality of the hand and allowing the used to grab smaller objects

Cerebral Palsy Kit

An adaptive clothing kit that attaches without sewing or modification of the existing clothes. Each device mimics the original function, but is adapter for use by those suffering from Cerebral Palsy and old age

Floor Plan Lighting

A more elegant way to switch your lights on and off. Instead of a confusing array of switches and buttons, this system shows a general architectural floor plan where you can press a room and the lights will turn on or off.


Designed as a product for wellbeing, the coaster helps the user drink all eight cups of water a day. When it detects a water bottle, it will alert the user to take a sip of water every fifteen minutes.

Prop Car

A radio controlled, propeller powered car made from laser cut wood and 3D printed plastic. It's a fun little toy that can zip around faster than the average R/C car and can be a little more dangerous

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