Reinier van der Lee

Technology enthusiast and wine grape grower.

Rancho Santa Margarita, California
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This user joined on 06/11/2015.

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Uriel Molina wrote 12/23/2016 at 17:42 point

Excellent work! I liked so much and actually i bought Vinduino for my personal use but i have a problem, it's about the DHT22, It doesnt work and in Serial Monitor the value is always 0.0, pin 12, i tried with another same sensors and the problem still there, I tried on Arduino nano and on it works ok, do you have any code where i can help myself for fix this issue? Thanks!

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Reinier van der Lee wrote 12/24/2016 at 20:19 point

Hi Uriel, have you tried just using the Arduino code for DHT-22?

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Aleksandar Bradic wrote 11/15/2015 at 18:43 point


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Reinier van der Lee wrote 11/23/2015 at 17:06 point

Thank you, sir!! :-)

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