• Building Embedded Systems

    03/21/2017 at 09:15 0 comments

    Introduction to my book "Building Embedded Systems, Programmable Hardware"

    To those who enjoy doing things that are otherwise meaningless in the eyes of many.

    Embedded systems are conspicuous by their omnipresence. But most people take them for granted despite the fact that behind every system is a design that involves multiple engineering disciplines. Even something as humble as a toaster might be the joint effort of software and hardware engineers. Assuming you still have the unabated curiosity to know how stuff works, this book will try to fill any knowledge gaps you might run into.

    Actually, this book is a brain dump of what I have picked up over the past 15+ years. Some of this knowledge has been learned the hard way, which is passively through insomnia and hair loss. And it is my best wishes that you don’t have to go through the same ordeals I endured.

    In addition to the traditional design approach, the semiconductor industry’s latest juggernaut has made SOPC (System on Programmable Chips) a viable option both technologically and financially. It is a trail blazed by many newly designed embedded systems, which this book explores in depth.

    Lastly, this book will serve you better if you’ve taken some college-level courses in CS or EE, or maybe a little bit of both. Basic knowledge in C/C++ and FPGA can help you sail through this book more smoothly.

    Thank you for your faith in my book!

    Changyi Gu
    02/14/2016 in San Diego, CA