207.5k 2.6k 90 1.1k
An affordable electronics manufacturing system for hobbyists, students, & small businesses. Inspired by RepRap. Powered by OpenPnP/FirePick.
45k 1.6k 29 212
An affordable Arduino controlled multipurpose laser exposing device. Use it for SLA Printers, PCB Exposing, Laser Harp etc.
Project Owner Contributor


Mario Lukas

31.7k 874 27 178
A 3D printer with 4 extruders that can move independently and simultaneously
Project Owner Contributor

Theta Printer

Tyler Anderson

26.8k 381 15 168
A Kossel derivative to show off a new PID control framework and command system called the Bowler Communication System.
Project Owner Contributor


Kevin Harrington

89.5k 565 27 156
A budget 3D printer that is easy to build with basic tools. A closed loop system using optical mice is to be used for greater accuracy.
Project Owner Contributor

Cheap and Easy to Build 3D Printer


17k 284 10 133
Portable and self contained FDM 3D printer designed to be the ideal tool for field hospitals short on supplies and nomadic engineers alike.
12.8k 517 21 131
an electronics pick-n-place retrofit for 3D printers
Project Owner Contributor

Retro Populator

Eric Boyd

18.9k 1.1k 16 92
3D printing, with lasers!
Project Owner Contributor

SLS 3D Printer


13.1k 269 14 45
Active mixing, fused filament fabrication 3D printer.
2.6k 329 7 26
A g-code filter to smooth out 3D-printing process
Project Owner Contributor



2.5k 58 1 25
Jenschr (had been played around with the idea of building a new 3D printer based on Makeblock for a while and finally he get started now!
4k 589 4 24
A Redistribution of Jand's RepRap-XY CoreXY 3D printer, integrating modifications by sdavi and original modifications for improvement
Project Owner Contributor

RepRap-XY Iteration 2

Adam Vadala-Roth

5.8k 472 5 23
Transforming the humble 150x150x150mm stock print bed of a printrbot simple metal to a whopping 500x500x150mm
Project Owner Contributor

Printrbot 'SuperSize Me" Mod

ken conrad

4.5k 107 1 15
From slow single hotend semi accurate 3D Printer to fast and accurate dual hotend 3D Printer.
1.4k 25 4 12
Active mixing, fused filament fabrication 3D printer.
1.4k 869 0 8
A DIY 3D Printer for Young Makers Turning Stereolithography on its Head
Project Owner Contributor

Mec'Nex 3D Printer


1.3k 10 2 6
Parametric 3D Printable Filter Cube For Fluorescence Microscopy
Project Owner Contributor


Mihails Delmans

3.7k 51 1 4
This project has been moved to my website at
Project Owner Contributor

Another 3d Printer. But Better?


1.9k 113 5 1
A Kossel Mini type 3D Printer Implementation
Project Owner Contributor

Delta Flyer