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Things I've Built

Spiral Projection Lamp

This 3D printed LED lamp projects smooth lines on your walls.

LulzBot TAZ Virtual Experience

Interact with a LulzBot TAZ using Google Cardboard, the Oculus Rift or the HTC Vive

THREE.js Dome Experiments

Dynamic experiences for dome theaters and virtual reality.

Home Grown Bismuth Crystals

Take one in the morning if you have an upset stomach.

The Death Cube

My take on the Death Star, using Legos and business cards.

Rainbow Projection Apparatus

A 3D printed psychedelic device that will illuminate your world!

Super Fast Analog Voltages on the Arduino

Common knowledge was that an Arduino and a simple RC network could not generate voltages fast enough for a vector display. It turns out this was wrong.

Retroweb Vintage Computer Museum

This museum allows you to read about and interact with historical computers right in your web browser.

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