Sterling Baird

PhD candidate in Dr. Taylor Sparks' Materials Informatics Group focusing on data-driven materials discovery.

Salt Lake City, UT
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This user joined on 07/01/2022.

Things I've Built

Low-cost, 3D-printed Devanathan Cell

I designed a high-functionality, 3D-printed Devanathan cell (< 100 USD, normally 1000's) for studying corrosion in metals. It allows for water jacket temperature control, inert gas sparging, interchangeable aperture sizes, and a viewport.

2500+ degrees Celsius, ultra-high-purity induction furnace

I built an induction furnace that can reach temperatures ~2/3 that of the surface of the sun while maintaining an ultra-high-purity environment. I wrote LabVIEW software for running custom temperature vs. time profiles.

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