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    A little bit about myself

    I’m always interested in new technologies and I love to experiment with infrastructure virtualization, cloud networking, network routing and others. For the first time, I realized that I never understood 100% the fundamentals of what goes on in the heart of a computer, how does a processor communicate with RAM, hard drive or even a network card?

    So I challenged myself to start from scratch and learn how to make my own basic computer from the information I can find on the internet and document my learning process along the way.

    My learning process is a bit erratic and not really organized, I often say “I have no idea what I’m doing” when learning new things and trying them out. I’m not good at reading a bunch of stuff and understand it, the best way to learn for me is to look at others’ works -> trying to replicate -> failing to make it work -> understand why -> iteration -> try again with more knowledge and loop from there until it works. Each time I loop over I go further with more knowledge.


    My Background

    I live in near Montréal, QC, born in 1992 and always had interest for computers as a kid due to my father building his computers in the late 1990s to early 2000s and I was fascinated by it. At the age of 12, I build my first computer with old PC parts I found by the side of the road when walking back from school. Talking about school… I was not very good at school but I was fortunate to be selected at school for a internship at a litle computer shop for a couples of month. After that a had th chance to be hired to work as a technician for a other computer repair shop in 2010 at the age of 17. And now I work as System/Network Administrator since 2015.

    Since forever as I can remember, I was intrigue about computer inner workings and wanted to learn more about the inception of personal computers, my first atempt was to build a working 4bit CPU in Minecraft back in 2015 but never had the chance to really invest myself in physical form it until early 2020, so here we are!

    Have fun browsing browsing my projects!

    You can follow the here on Hackaday or on my personnal website and Github!


    Dominic Emond-B.