• Embedded Apprentice Linux Engineer (E-ALE)

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    Embedded Apprentice Linux Engineer (E-ALE) is a series of 9 seminars over 3 days at existing Embedded Linux conferences:

    Are you an Embedded Engineer who is transitioning to using Linux? Attend seminars on how to start with using Linux for Embedded Applications. The Embedded Apprentice Linux Engineer program provides a place at existing Embedded conferences where you can get your questions answered.

    Embedded Apprentice Linux Engineer Hands on Workshops at SCALE 16x in Pasadena from Thursday, March 8th to Saturday, March 10th:


    Embedded Apprentice Linux Engineer track at The Linux Foundation’s Embedded Linux Conference in Portland from Monday, March 12 to Wednesday, March 14

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  • PocketBeagle Wearable Tops off Your Holidays

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    Bring some cheer to the holiday season with this PocketBeagle project:


    PocketBeagle Wearable Tops off Your Holidays

    Use the BeagleBoard.org PocketBeagle with motion sensor to activate LEDs on your DIY “ugly Christmas” wearables. Fun and easy to learn!


    BeagleBoard.org PocketBeagle has great performance along with a tiny size and low cost. It makes a perfect platform for building a wearable electronics project. Ugly Christmas Sweaters and other crazy LED projects are fun to share so we decided to try our hand at Holiday Wearables. Since PocketBeagle’s size is even smaller than Raspberry Pi or other similar boards, we were able to fit our project into a Holiday Hat.

    Click boards make it easy to add other features – we’ve done motion detection; but you can add other capabilities such as controlling movement, sound or sensors. You can even connect it to your twitter account!


    The Python source code is available:

    Holiday Motion Detection Demo for PocketBeagle

    This code uses a Motion Click board with a PocketBeagle and an LED string to turn on the LED string with a random pattern when motion is detected.

  • Micro SD Extension Cable

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     writes on the Tindie blog:


    Micro SD Extension Cable

    Weirdly, one problem with memory now being so small is that these drives can be placed in areas that are difficult to access. Usually this means some sort of USB adapter (another amazing improvement over serial or parallel ports), but if you just want an actual SD extension cable in the form of a micro SD card, here it is! This device was conceived of when programming a BeagleBone Black, and could have lots of other applications.


    micro SD extension cord designed by Tem Products:

    I designed this little tool while compiling a software installation on BeagleBone Black. I needed to repetitively remove/inset the micro SD card. The BeagleBone was installed in a hard-to-reach area. So much time was wasted trying to inset the card with tweezers.
    This simple tool plugs into the hard-to-reach socket, and provides a flexible extension.
    Length: 3.5″
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