• MacBook Pro power supply hack

    01/24/2017 at 05:17 1 comment

    Last summer my macbook power supply overheated and died. common I here you all say :)

    So I went to the junk shop here in Japan and bought the largest 19.5v brick of a power supply I could find

    that could deliver some serious power !! I have an i7 15" so I think it needs 85watts

    I found 1 x 19.5v 6.15AMPS for equivalant of about 2$

    I ordered the magsafe cable ( not that cheap ! about 8$ ) , soldered , heat shrunk and it works very well ..

    no massive heat and the mac reports ...

    AC Charger Information:

    Connected: Yes

    ID: 0x0921
    Wattage (W): 60
    Family: 0x0085
    Serial Number: 0x00d240b2
    Charging: Yes

    I dont believe thre mac power supply communicate with the laptop at all let alone detect how much power it can deliver.

    The magsafe cable has 2 wires. power and ground , and yet it has a load of pins...

    The Mac Store replaced my mac power charger , but I'm sticking with this one. it is bigger , but its actually

    the same weight and I believe its a lot safer.

    I showed the Mac genius's my modified power supply and said it was going to be overall more reliable and safer.

    They looked horrified, like they had see a terrorist at work !

    Anyway , I highly recommend this basic hack if your like me and have you computer crunching away routing 4 layer boards on hot summer days... save you mac charger for airports and fancy cafes..

    buy a brick for every day use !!

    PS.. don't blame me if you blow up you mac ! chose your brick wisely :)