Samuel A. Falvo II

A software engineer by day, an open source computer engineer who feels computing is more complex than it needs to be by night.

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This user joined on 03/06/2016.

Things I've Built

Kestrel-3 Emulator

My first "real" computer. It's powered by a simple, 64-bit RISC-V processor comparable to a low-end ColdFire in overall capability. It has 16MB of RAM, and a higher resolution video display. Otherwise, identical to Kestrel-2. (Circa 2015)


My first FPGA-based design, this homebrew computer featured 640x200 bitmapped graphics, 32KB of application RAM, and a 16-bit stack CPU based on the Steamer 16 architecture. (Circa 2011)


4MHz, W65C816-based SBC build on Radio Shack breadboards as a proof of concept. 32KB of RAM, 1 VIA chip for I/O. No ROM; IPL happened through a PC which uploaded system software to RAM via a serial DMA channel. (Circa 2007)


A blog engine written in ANSI Forth, implemented to more to prove a point than to be a production system. Nonetheless, it ran my blog for several years before I finally switched over to Github.

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roelh wrote 04/16/2019 at 09:01 point

Hello Samuel, thanks for following me and for liking my new project, #Kobold retro TTL computer !

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Dr. Cockroach wrote 02/19/2019 at 18:39 point

Good afternoon and thank you for the like and follow of #Light Logic :-)

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Yann Guidon / YGDES wrote 04/14/2016 at 18:06 point

Good luck and have fun with your projects !

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Michael A. Morris wrote 03/25/2016 at 17:34 point

Thanks for the skull. Glad to see your involvement here. Look forward to following your projects here and elsewhere.

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