Russell Kramer

Electronics Engineer

Vancouver, BC
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This user joined on 12/17/2015.

Things I've Built

LED Colander Helmet 1

RGB LED matrix in a colander hat.

LED Rave Solar Shopping Cart Tricycle

Party Machine.

Boombox briefcase with stereo LED equalizer display.

A boombox briefcase with some extra pazazz.

Equalizer Display Lightbox.

X-ray slide lightbox converted to display equiliser bars using MSGEQ7 audio processor and WS2803 LED drivers. Also contains an oscilloscope built from old portable CRT TV.

Large LED matrix panels.

LED matrix panels built with 4' x 2' peg boards. Matrices are controlled by PIC18F4550 microcontrollers with additional hardware for audio processing and RS232 input.

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Roman wrote 02/21/2016 at 03:49 point

I just noticed, your hat looks similar to my in the picture. Very cool hat, my kind of style :).

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