Jeremy Race

Coding... it's a poem of deep understanding. A puzzle of inter-weaving systems. An endless, intellectual, adventure.

BC, Canada & Oax, Mexico
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Things I've Built

Solar MintyBoost USB / iPhone Charger

A modified version of the AA-powered MintyBoost iPhone charger from - IMGs => / / /

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Dusan Petrovic wrote 12/25/2020 at 12:03 point

Hi Jeremy, thank you for following the #Featured Projects list.

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Radu Motisan wrote 11/21/2017 at 20:28 point

Hi Jeremy, thank you for following #City Air Quality  ! Nov 22 (tomorrow) is the start of a crowdfunding campaign to encourage the uniform distribution of environmental detectors on the Globe. Read more on and if you feel this is important to you, please help me make it happen.

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