RIUM+ (Mike Ando)

Time-travelling mad scientist. DeLorean-driver. Laser-wielder. Once on Beauty & The Geek AU, now a Professional Geek.

Brisbane, Australia
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This user joined on 12/30/2016.

Things I've Built

25-hour Mechanical clock

A fully mechanical 25-hour clock based on the time system in the Myst series of games. The whole clock is base 5/25, features 4 timekeeping units instead of our 3, and a day takes roughly 30 hours, 14 minutes.


It takes constant effort to keep a 39 year old car running smoothly, and DeLoreans need way more love than usual. I had this one imported to Australia & a right-hand-drive conversion performed on it. Now used as an everyday car to get groceries.

Myst Linking Book

Featured on Hackday and pretty much every tech/gaming blog out there back in 2012, this book was then used as the the texture reference of the actual in-game Myst book when Cyan released the HD 3D remastered version of the game in 2014.

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