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Things I've Built

Children's Bikes

Ever wanted a custom bike as child? CNC your own! it's that simple ;-)

Smart LED Hula Hoops

Imaging a Hula Hoop with 300+ neopixels, a web-interface, movement & acceleration based effects, POV and synced effects between different props. Still BETA!!

Revive old Reichenbacher CNC with Sinumeric 810

Figure out how to run a 1990 Sinumeric 810 with a modern Laptop!

Trotify Clone

As it is not available anymore: I've built a modified version of the trotify, so everyone can cruise *err ride through the city ;)

20$ CNC turning axis

Cheapest solution to get a turning 4th axis on your cnc. Will be open-sourced, once completed!

CNC-Router Kits

DYI CNC Router Kits for durable, cheap Milling machines parametric design made in openscad. Just put in the materials & parts you have and get the building-plans within seconds. Will be open-source, once i've got time.

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