Electronic engineer and budding mechanic & gearhead. Whether its flow of electrons or flow of fuel, I like to get my hands on it

Yorkshire, UK
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Things I've Built

Selectable Voltage Standard

This is basically my first portable battery powered project. As with the Dinky PSU: it follows the same mantra of using cheap through hole and salvaged parts. However I think it could be better, so I'm planning on making a V2.0

Dinky bench PSU

This is my first power supply project. Its a variable 20V, 1A, Current limiting supply constructed out of minimal through hole parts and salvaged components I've collected.

Big Blue

A series 3 land rover I restored back to road worthy condition. Wired in new lights, and MASSIVE service and overhaul of suspension, drive-train and fuel system - project is a rolling one as it picks up a lot of damage when being trailed

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