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Apart from my IT security work, horses, cats and music I do love Arduino, Amateur Radio, SDR and a bit of brassy Steampunk.

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Things I've Built

Magnetic Pendulum with Arduino and S4A

The single coil is used as magnetic sensor and actuator to detect and drive the magnetic pendulum. An Arduino acts as interface. It is controlled by Snap4Arduino running on the laptop.

Venetian Blind 2m Yagi Antenna for UKube-1

This yagi is made from an old venetian blind. I was able to receive the first beacon signals of UKube-1 on its very first orbit right after launch over Scotland.

Thermoelectric Generator - Steampunk Style

A thermoelectric generator made out of nice brass and copper things from the recycling place (Apart from the thermoelectric element). It generates enough electricity for a high power LED.

OpenCV footfall counter

Footfall counter using OpenCV / Python to detect and count the faces of visitors. A Toshiba VFD is used as display and a speech synthesizer welcomes the visitors. The system was demonstrated at the Orkney Science Festival 2015.

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