Danny Havenith

Professional C++ developer and AVR hobbyist. If you see me holding a soldering iron, run. Run fast.

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This user joined on 11/02/2015.

Things I've Built

The fastest AVR digital pin functions in the West

Library that implements digitalWrite/Read, but that executes these functions in 2 clock ticks instead of Arduino's 50+ clock ticks. Also allows writing something like "digitalWrite( led1 | led2 | led3, HIGH);", changing 3 AVR pins in 4 cycles.

Digital hi-hat pedal replacement

Using an attiny13 and a hall effect sensor to replace the analog guts of the Roland FD-8 hi-hat pedal.

Yet another WS2811 library

The smallest possible codebase that delivers clock-tick-correct WS2811 timing from an 8 Mhz AVR. Also available in a version that controls 80+ LEDs from a 64 byte RAM attiny13. See this for an example.

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