• Finally found out the root cause of problems transferring large files(1GB+) with Samba shares

    06/15/2020 at 14:04 0 comments

    I've been using flash drives on my Raspberry Pi's for Samba shares. Whenever I tried to copy large files to a share from a Windows machine it would hang for a bit and eventually fail.  I tried reformatting a flash drive to exfat (vs fat32.) Still the same issue.  Interesting enough, this issue doesn't occur with Linux clients. I eventually found this thread. It mentioned the underlying issue being using exfat/fat32, and to try using ext4. So I did. It worked! Everything now transfers fine, big or small.

  • Detergent 8, does it really work?

    06/12/2020 at 17:27 0 comments

    Someone mentioned on Hackaday a while back of using Detergent 8 to remove flux from PCBs.  I looked the product up and found the product page here. There was a link to order a sample so I did. A little time later an 8 oz. sample bottle arrived.

    I first tried a 3% solution on a PCB I had lying around, the before picture was a bit blurry so I didn't post the before and after of that. It got most of the flux off but there was still some stubborn traces of flux left. 

    I decided to try it again, this time making a ~6% solution (instructions specify a 3-5% solution for manual soaking.) I measured it out in a graduated cylinder. 

    The test subject was a PCB I soldered together in the morning (I didn't solder in the crystal as I didn't want it to be submerged.)

    I poured the solution in a bowl, heated it in the microwave for about 20 seconds and then placed the PCB in the bowl.

    I let it soak for about half an hour and then removed the board.  Just about all of the flux was removed!  I didn't even have to scrub the board.  I'm impressed!

    The good news: it beats having to use isopropyl alcohol and having to brush the crap out of the board with a toothbrush. The bad news: It's not cheap. A one gallon bottle costs over $100 USD.  Fortunately, the 8 oz. sample bottle will last me quite a while.

    Some tips to make things easier. Use a dropper the get the concentrate out of the bottle and put it in a dropper bottle. Don't try pouring directly out of the bottle like I did as some likes to run down the side of the bottle.  

  • A review of my experience with Digitspace

    12/18/2019 at 14:14 0 comments

    A few weeks ago, I was approached by a representative from Digitspace hat offered to provide some tools in return for mentioning them in a project.  I haven't done business with them as a normal customer.   While they didn't ask for a review, I thought I would provide one.

    I got my package in about a week after the order was shipped via DHL.  It was well packed as a styrofoam "box" was made within the box and everything was placed with ESD bags (even if some of the items didn't need an ESD bag.)  The name-brand official Raspberry Pi 4 usb-C power supply appears to be genuine.  

    Ordering a microSD card from a non-established retailer worried me a bit as fake SD cards are a thing. The Sandisk microSD card that I received appears to be the real deal at least on first impressions. The packaging is designed for the Asian market with little English, but enough to know the important bits.  

    The person that I spoke with could actually speak English proficiently which is a major plus as it can be next to impossible to resolve something when the rep speaks "Chinglish" (been there, done that.)  The website layout is need and clean.  Some items at the time of this writing do lack some needed descriptions but the rep I spoke with says they plan to fix this.  Overall prices weren't bad.  In summary, I would consider ordering from them as a normal customer.